Jane Kim

Co-founder @ STROLLÿN
Hi! happy to be part of this community.

UX/UI Feedback Cadence

Hi All!
Hope everyone is getting excited and gitty for the holidays coming up soon :)

I am a fellow designer and startup builder. I am doing a quick study on the side for how people get UX/UI Feedback on what they build whether that is a new site, a redesign, a new product, or rollouts of new product features.

It's a very short survey and shouldn't take more than 2 mins. This is the link to the survey: https://forms.gle/UQzgwnSwHXY4fpCPA

And if you want to add any additional comments or context below of how you go about this topic, please feel free!

And of course, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year˜! 
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More background pop illustrations

hello blush team,
One of my wishes this year is for additional background pop illustrations. Similar to what you see below, and there are already several throughout the different artist collections, but I find sometimes that I lack ways to make text areas or other parts of a site or product pop more where I cannot use objects/people necessarily.

Here is a simple example of what I mean with the yellow background, which is found on blush.design site.

Thank you!

STROLLÿN landing page redesign with Blush #madewithblush

Going through a landing page redesign at STROLLÿN more aligned to the Jobs To Be Done methodolgy (JTBD). Not yet in production (let's see if it gets approved) but wanted to share my current draft version with all the amazing blush designs embedded! 
#dayflow #miroodles #bigshoes
If you have any feedback, would love to hear it. 
Thank you !
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STROLLÿN Landing Page using amazing illustrations from designers at Blush! #madewithblush

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Video Maker via Blush

Hi Blush Team! 
Hope everyone is doing great. 
I was looking around for easy-to-use illustrated video making tools for my startup. I came across Toonly which is great, but not the type of nice designs that Blush is known for. 
Was wondering if that would ever be on your product roadmap? 
thank you!
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