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Hey there. I'm a Product Designer and Founder. I love remote work, travel and creative writing. Love meeting others and chatting about creative work and coffee.

Something new! Remote Creative Work + Resources

Hey all, sharing info and an update on our remote work initiative: Remote Creative Work. The branding was designed using Open Peeps. 🙌  🙌

A key goal of ours is to connect 1 million creatives with their dream remote gigs.

We're different in that we ask companies to list their company values, vision, hiring, and remote processes. We believe this transparency helps both the talent and companies determine if there's a more organic fit.

We've been working with companies to get jobs listed, and are growing our community on Instagram. Step by step, we're getting there!

Another really important goal of ours is to help creative professionals thrive in the remote work industry. We believe it's the future of work and it's here to stay.

And to that end, we launched something new!

Our resources page features collaborative, project management, inspiration, and other resources that are great for those who work in a distributed fashion and want to build great things.

Let us know what you think and if there are any resources you'd add:

We hope you like it! 


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While I really like the carousel feature to be able to see the illustrations, I find that it's a little bit time consuming to go through the options.

If Blush was responsive, and I could expand the size of the Blush window that would be awesome. I'd be able to see more on the screen and more quickly compare/contrast options.

Something that might be more simple would be to re-introduce the List View as an option that's supplemental to the carousels.
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