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The Blush Team
I am a student

can u tell what do we do here
Welcome Anika! This is a community to connect with other like-minded people. We'll also be hosting monthly Q&As with design experts so you can ask them whatever you want!ย 
my name is Bibhabaree Sahu, but yall can call me Bibha :D
and like anika I'm a student!
Hey there. I'm Husam, a start-up founder and fellow designer. Nice to meet you.
Welcome, Husam! So excited to have you here :)ย 
I have a bachelor's degree in architecture. It was about 2015 that I came to realize I have a feeling about coding and computer science. So, I started to learn java and programming for android and built some test apps. I then continued learning and improving my skills and I studied AI. In the meantime, I continued my passion for beautifying everything and I ended up being a UX and UI designer. So, I am a UX/UI designer working since 2017 and I keep improving my abilities.
Such a cool story, Hossein! Thanks for joining us ๐ŸŽ‰ Hope to see you around sharing more in this community!ย 

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