Hello! I am looking to improve my UI skills and would like some tips. What do you suggest? Where can I start?
You can start by learning the basics of UI and principles, the best way to learn that is by learning top companies design systems. I this feels complicated check articles on medium. You will get the starting point. Read this article by Johny Vino https://uxdesign.cc/ultimate-start-guide-for-beginner-ux-ui-designer-b848be089589
inspirational dude, i will certainly follow this as iam working on a site which is a local service based site in toronto but iam out of ides for UX/UI now i will definitely reach out to medium . I really need to improve the UX/UI of this siteΒ  - https://www.ultimatemoldcrew.ca/services/mold-remediation-toronto/