Hi All!
Hope everyone is getting excited and gitty for the holidays coming up soon :)

I am a fellow designer and startup builder. I am doing a quick study on the side for how people get UX/UI Feedback on what they build whether that is a new site, a redesign, a new product, or rollouts of new product features.

It's a very short survey and shouldn't take more than 2 mins. This is the link to the survey: https://forms.gle/UQzgwnSwHXY4fpCPA

And if you want to add any additional comments or context below of how you go about this topic, please feel free!

And of course, Happy Holiday and Happy New Year˜! 
Hello! I am looking to improve my UI skills and would like some tips. What do you suggest? Where can I start?
You can start by learning the basics of UI and principles, the best way to learn that is by learning top companies design systems. I this feels complicated check articles on medium. You will get the starting point. Read this article by Johny Vino https://uxdesign.cc/ultimate-start-guide-for-beginner-ux-ui-designer-b848be089589
inspirational dude, i will certainly follow this as iam working on a site which is a local service based site in toronto but iam out of ides for UX/UI now i will definitely reach out to medium . I really need to improve the UX/UI of this site  - https://www.ultimatemoldcrew.ca/services/mold-remediation-toronto/